One Person

Improving Quality of Life One Person at a Time

Saved As strives to improve quality of life one person at a time through cause marketing, digital story telling, personal branding, and personal development.

Cause Marketing: If you believe that everyone has a purpose on this earth, then it is safe to assume that many people have a specific cause that they are passion about – a change they would like to see in the world. Saved As, LLC. can provide consultation to discuss how you can reach a larger audience to gain support for your cause. We can go a step further and help you develop strategy. We would be happy to talk to you more about marketing your cause.

Digital Storytelling: Let us share the individual stories of success that inspire and motivate others. Through written or visual documentation, we will work with organizations to share the individual stories that separate them from their competition. Saved As hopes to document stories of change or cause-driven special events through writing for publication, blog, or media. We can also discuss opportunities to share the story through photography and/or videography.

Personal Branding: You may already have a personal brand. Ask your friends, colleagues, or social media followers what they think of you. If you get similar answers, that is likely your current brand – how people feel (or consistently think) about you. If you desire to build or change your brand, we can discuss a strategy. Maybe you want to be known as a writer, singer, or public speaker, let us work with you.

Personal Development:  Our personal development resources are designed to improve your visual presentation of your persona and experience. Through open discussion, Saved As will discuss ways to improve your resume, cover letter, and portfolio and provide a modern design to use with your career pursuits.