Look Who’s Talking

If kids are still using words like “fierce” or “fire” to describe someone that is amazing, then those words accurately describe the speakers and presenters at Living as Leaders: Leadership Saturdays for Girls. I would also describe them as knowledgeable, dedicated, driven leaders that some may refer to as phenomenal women. They each agreed quickly…Read more Look Who’s Talking

Why Participate in Living as Leaders?

Opportunity. Is the word “opportunity” enough reason to participate in Living as Leaders? Of course not, but it essentially describes all of the reasons for participation. Living as Leaders provides girls with the opportunity to learn about leadership concepts, opportunity to further develop social skills and communication skills, opportunity to practice decision-making and conflict resolution,…Read more Why Participate in Living as Leaders?

Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

By: Aureila Spaulding It starts with a subject. It includes a verb. It becomes complete by adding a direct or indirect object.   The easiest part about writing your personal mission statement is choosing to begin with “I”. The personal mission statement is yours. It is your declaration acknowledging the point of your existence and the action…Read more Writing Your Personal Mission Statement