Why the name Saved As?

Some of us work on projects and hit the save button throughout the process, and others save the project at the end. To “save” allows us to keep all of the hard work, and to choose to “save as” give us an opportunity to make a change. The name Saved As symbolizes the action of contributing to change and creating new and better versions, while still acknowledging the importance of work previously done.

Saved As seeks to join individuals, groups, and organizations in advancing social good by being a resource for marketing and communications. The business provides workshops and webinars in addition to creating online learning communities. In the coming year, look forward to live stream discussions, book readings, and more opportunities to learn – not just marketing, but how to advance social good.

In addition to the online learning community, Saved As provides consulting and/or marketing support to a select number of clients each quarter based on project needs and availability.

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