Is the word “opportunity” enough reason to participate in Living as Leaders? Of course not, but it essentially describes all of the reasons for participation. Living as Leaders provides girls with the opportunity to learn about leadership concepts, opportunity to further develop social skills and communication skills, opportunity to practice decision-making and conflict resolution, and the opportunity for adult mentors. Looking at the program comprehensively, Living as Leaders provides the opportunity to develop character, competency, and courage, which are the three core lesson topics for the program.

Our learning objectives for the program include the following:

  1. To gain an understanding of leadership concepts
  2. To demonstrate leadership with life skills
  3. To practice decision-making and conflict resolution
  4. To better communication skills and practice social skills

We will accomplish these objectives by comprising the day of an opening group activity, leadership lesson, life skills lesson, applied learning activity, and closing motivational charge. The teachers, mentors, and speakers are female educators, community leaders, and local professionals along with student leaders. The women are from varying backgrounds and have worked with young people in different capacities.

Leadership is developed when someone is put in a situation to lead, and the understanding of leadership can grow through knowledge and application. With youth, several factors contribute to leadership development. Living as Leaders incorporates the previously mentioned factors to provide girls with an opportunity to develop as leaders.

To register a child for Living as Leaders: Leadership Saturdays for Girls, visit http://bit.ly/livingasleaders.

Written By: Aurelia Spaulding